White Card Game

The White Card Game offers an engaging and entertaining way to deliver training in CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry. Awarded runner up in the IMS Australian Regional Learning Impact Awards the White Card Game went on to win Bronze at the Global Awards in San Diego, May 2013. The Game offers a first person perspective that gets users to identify, control and report workplace hazards on a construction site without getting injured or causing the death of workmates. By creating a virtual experience of being on a building site, the game offers real life challenges, problems and risks yet provides a safe place in which to learn and explore. The game is a collaboration between Victoria University and Oztron Media, and is funded by the National VET E-Learning Strategy. Watch a trailer of the White Card Game.




3D EE Sim

The 3D Energy Efficiency Simulator is an immersive 3D simulator used for teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design in third and fourth year Engineering at Victoria University. The simulator allows students to step into their architectural engineering creations, explore the best ways to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas production, and identify what combination of factors reduces efficiency and increases emissions. The project informs ways of teaching sustainable design and training for energy and water efficiency in higher education and vocational education.






The Pharmatopia project is a Monash led collaboration with CSL and Victoria University to create new biotechnology training modules. The demand for access by pharmacy and science students to complex and costly instrumentation and laboratory facilities far outstrips the capability of most universities to supply these needs for students. Being able to satisfy the students’ need for these real world situations is where a virtual world simulation such as Pharmatopia can be of great benefit. In Pharmatopia students can work on a process that may take hours, days or weeks with a computer simulation in a relatively short amount of time, allowing them to understand key concepts and learn how various parameters affect the final process.





Play It Safe

Play It Safe is a collaboration between the Curriculum Innovation Unit, the Work-based Education Research Centre, the Faculty of Technical and Trade Innovation, and the School of Creative Industries at Victoria University. ‘Play It Safe’ is a computer game that is used to deliver competency-based training of Occupational Health and Safety competencies in the Engineering sector. View the trailer of the game.